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At Ultimate Energy Controls we strive to complete each and every project on time and within our customers budget for any residential or commercial electrical work to be done in Grande Prairie or surrounding areas. We take pride in working closely with our clients to ensure that everyone involved stays on the same page throughout each project by maintaining excellent communication with the project management team. We feel that transparency is the key to a successful project and the only way to achieve that is having above average project superintendents on our team to catch any design oversights and make sure that any changes to the scope are identified and brought to the surface as soon as possible.

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Our Vision and Values

  • We Treat Our Clients the Way We Want to be Treated

    No one likes surprises when it comes to project costs, budgets, and timelines so if we can help to identify that things aren't going to line up the way that they're supposed to as early as possible we will open a line of communication and work together with our customer to find a solid resolution before it's too late! We have a solid reputation to uphold as an electrician in grande prairie.

  • It's Always More Effective to Have a Repeat Customer Than a New One

    Although we need to show growth in different areas due to market fluctuations and changes in our current customers business dynamics, it is far better to build a strong relationship with each client and continue to work together on upcoming projects as an electrician in grande prairie. Each and every job is about customer satisfaction and building a stable bond for the future, we know and understand that if our customer is unhappy with the finished product at the end of a project that they will be forced to search elsewhere for another electrician in grande prairie. This type of constant cultivation for a new contractor in grande prairie should pull through with an unparalleled solution that takes more time and costs a lot of money. We would always prefer to stick around for the next task and we understand that exceptional execution of the current task at hand is the only way to prove that.

  • Our Client's Success Will Determine Our Own!

    If we can help our customers to succeed in their respective markets then we as a business will in turn automatically flourish as a direct result. If our client has a set budget for the year and we can help them to maximize their spend on each individual task then they will be able to accomplish more with less money. This approach works well for us because it means that as a result, we get to do more work within the year.

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