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Ultimate Energy Controls Inc. provides skilled and experienced instrumentation and electrical commissioning teams in Grande Prairie that will help take each of the facilities serviced from substantial completion to a level of full operation in a systematic, safe, and efficient manner. This is a carefully planned and orchestrated process that ensures superior levels of efficiency to minimize wait time for clients.

Our company is considered a vendor-neutral organization, and those on our staff have many years in the industrial oil and gas services. It is this experience, know-how, and hands-on experience we lean on to provide clients with the top-level services they expect and deserve. Our team can integrate and commission systems from all vendors and manufacturers to help increase the overall reliability of our client’s facilities after the startup process.

A picture of a PLC panel that has been commissioned in Grande Prairie.

Commissioning Services Grande Prairie

Services Beyond Construction

Not only can our team help with the construction of our client’s facilities, but we also have the knowledge to meet the pre-commissioning and the commissioning requirements of our clients. We offer a complete pre-commissioning, commissioning, and start-up service that includes comprehensive procedures for instrumentation and electrical systems at the facility.

This process begins with a detailed and thorough review of the construction turnover documents, including all related datasheets, loop checks, instrument indexes, and function testing that are required before moving to the next step in the process. The information gathered will then be used to create a plan for execution that is designed to maximize total productivity and to meet the startup targets.

This plan is customized to each client to ensure the desired results are achieved. The plan customization is part of how Ultimate Energy Controls Inc. can stand out from their competition in this industry and provide clients with a higher level of service and solutions that exceed expectations in every way.

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Commissioning Documentation

All activities involved will be documented, tracked, and the information that is noted will be verified and used to create a BCP or Basic Care Plan. The BCP is designed to meet all standards, regulations, and codes. The BCP and any supporting documents can then be used for purposes of reliability planning and preventative maintenance once the startup is successful.

The goal of our company is to provide each of our clients with a superior level of value related to an efficient and safe startup that allows our clients to meet or to exceed their production goals as soon as possible with a level of reliability that is easy to maintain for the life of the facility. This is a guarantee extended to each client served.

The team at Ultimate Energy Controls Inc. is fully trained, knowledgeable, and competent. Our team is made up of individuals who have years of industrial gas and oil experience. This experience is put to use for each job taken on and for each client that contracts our services. With a guarantee of superior results and satisfaction, our clients can count on us to deliver the results needed for their operations, regardless of the state of the facility now.

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